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Gulyás Borbála - The Art of the Calligrapher George Bocskay

The Art of the Calligrapher George Bocskay (Könyv)

George Bocskay - The Art of the Calligrapher

Gulyás Borbála;

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At first glance, the world of 16th-century calligraphers might seem quite remote, though whether we know it or not, we continue even today to encounter many of their creations. For example, if we pick up a book printed in a humanist typeface such as Palatino, we are dealing with work inspired by the most important calligraphers of that era. The 16th century was the golden age of European calligraphy, the era in which the Renaissance art of the pen came into being. That George Bocskay chose to become a calligrapher is an indicator of the art form's growing popularity in the period; his decision was a reflection of the social and cultural changes which had lent calligraphy legitimacy as a visual art in its own right. In fact, Bocskay himself would play a formative role in this process, particularly with his writing samples, wherein he was always seeking new avenues of artistic expression.

Kiadás éve: 2023
Oldalak száma: 408 oldal
Kötésmód: cérnafűzött, keménytáblás
ISBN: 9786155133220
EAN: 9786155133220

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