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Jonas Jonasson - Sweet Sweet Revenge LTD.

Sweet Sweet Revenge LTD. (Könyv)

Író: Jonas Jonasson;

Könyv > Idegen nyelvű > English books
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Victor Alderheim has a lot to answer for. Not only has he heartlessly tricked his young ex-wife, Jenny, out of her art gallery inheritance, but he has also abandoned his son, Kevin, to die in the middle of the Kenyan savanna. It doesn't occur to Victor that Kevin might be rescued and adopted by a Maasai medicine man, or that he might be expected to undergo the rituals expected of all new Maasai warriors - which have him running back to Stockholm as fast as you can say circumcision without anaesthetic. Back in Stockholm, Kevin's path crosses with Jenny's - and they have an awful lot to talk about, not least a shared desire to get even with Victor. So it's convenient when they run into a man selling revenge services, who has an ingenious idea involving Victor's cellar, a goat, some forged paintings, four large boxes of sex toys, and a kilo of flour ...

Kiadás éve: 2021
Oldalak száma: 384 oldal
Kötésmód: ragasztott
ISBN: 9780008407582
EAN: 9780008407582

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